Education & Programs

Education & Programs

The Institute for American Indian Studies seeks to teach through educational programs based on unbiased historical research and interpretation. Programs are designed to be accurate and interactive, and to stimulate further interest in the wonder and diversity of the earth's many cultures, beginning with the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The Institute for American Indian Studies offers education programs for all grade levels, Pre-K through 12th. On a field trip to IAIS, each class will be greeted at the door by one of our experienced Educators. These Educators will guide each class through the museum and to our outdoor replicated Algonkian village. A number of additions can be made to the core program, including Native American Games, Native American Stories and Native American Crafts. A field trip to IAIS is a field trip you'll always remember!

To schedule a group visit, call the IAIS Education Department at (860)868-0518 ext. 103 or email our Education Department

Here are some important facts to keep in mind about your IAIS field trip...

IAIS Souvenir Gift Bags are available for scheduled groups wishing to purchase souvenirs ahead of time. Please call your order in at least three weeks prior to your arrival. Gift Bags will be sorted and packaged by class and given to the teachers to distribute at the end of the program*.

The Woodland...$6 per bag The Algonkian...$5 per bag The Sachem..$3 per bag