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Recommended Reading Tips For Selecting Books

When selecting a book to use in a classroom setting, particularly a traditional story or legend, there are many factors of which to be aware, chief among them being historical and cultural accuracy. Inaccuracies manifest themselves in text, illustrations and even simple design elements. While incorrect information is undesirable on its own merits, these inaccuracies can sometimes even cross the line into becoming offensive. Here is a list of general tips to keep in mind when selecting books...

While some of these points may seem relatively minor or can be explained to a class easily, they all contribute to a wider misunderstanding of Native American culture and history in general. This misunderstanding, once taken root, is very difficult to rectify. What follows is a list of books that we recommend, across a wide range of categories. Some of these would be suitable for use in a classroom, while others are more directed at adults, but would be excellent resources for background information. We have tried to select only books that are easily available.

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